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25 - 28 November 2021

Roberto Costa

Roberto Costa will be hosting the RC workshops on Thursday 25 November. Find out more about Roberto by reading his bio below. 

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Roberto Costa was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1973. He started his days at the family run Trattoria in via Francesco Rolla, in the suburbs of Genoa, bought by his father in 1990. “I started cleaning floor and dishes, and occasionally serving minestrone soups with pesto prepared by my mother” says Roberto.

Ever since those early days, there hasn’t been a single day that Roberto hasn’t been inside a restaurant, fighting for his dream. He invented and co-founded the restaurant chain ‘Maxela’ with his business partner at the time, and together they successfully opened 12 restaurants across Italy.

Continuing his gastronomic journey, he then decided to open ‘the last restaurant of the chain’ in London with the aim to share everything he had learned in twenty years of experience, with guests and colleagues. As a result, ‘Maxela’ arrived in London in October 2012.

Two years later, in June 2014, Roberto and his business partner at the time decided to take different paths and Roberto pursued his dream to fulfil his true passion in the diverse, innovative and thriving food scene in London.

Macellaio’ simply meaning ‘Butcher’ in Italian, together with the initials of Roberto Costa ‘RC’ meant ‘Macellaio RC’ was born.

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Along the years, Roberto has been constantly working on evolving his concept and today,  RC Group has seven different restaurants in London and one in Italy. All of them based on authenticity, with the same philosophy and vision, with the same soul, but each with its own identity. Macellaio RC in South Kensington, the ‘first born’ of the family of restaurants features the hand selected, rare breed, Fassona beef, as the main star. Exmouth Market, where Bluefin Tuna comes into the scene and proves that rare beef and fish can be treated the same way. Union Street, the Queen of Ligurian Bakery, introduces the first ‘Pissa’ to the Londoners in the Butcher’s theatre. Northcote Road, which together with Fassona beef pays tribute to the drink of Gods, with a list of over 200 labels of hand-picked regional Italian wine, selected by Roberto himself. Fitzrovia, located in the heart of London, brings to the locals the real Italian pizza in gourmet style; and Milan, with its stylish décor and a modern tone, offers the very best of ‘Macellaio RC’ from London in one restaurant through the perfect selection of Fassona beef dishes.

Followed by another opening for a new concept in RC Group in his hometown Genova: a grill restaurant called ‘Mangiafuoco’. Here Roberto decided go that extra mile, exploring the future of the dry ageing and, thankfully with the help by his good friend Alessandro Cuomo, creator of the Cuomo method, Roberto started to study not only the dry ageing process of the meat but also the process for fish. He introduced the Pesciugatore: a cellar that dries and smokes the fish by allowing the fish to reach the desired temperature and humidity in a short time, to be conserved. A method that Roberto brought to his restaurants in London. 

The newest member of the family, arrives in Soho, Macellaio RC headed for Shaftesbury Avenue, It’s taking over the space that was once of the best pre-theatre dining restaurants in the area, Cafè Monico, respecting the history of the place, but with the typical touch that distinguishes the Roberto's vision: the quality and an innovative menu that will be presented only in this restaurant.

This gastronomic success was accompanied by numerous awards, regular A-list celebrities and recognition which quickly acquired success for his work internationally as well as in London. He appeared in many TV programmes, he was regularly featured in the press, media, specialist magazines and accrued various awards such as by Sky Italy for ‘Best Italian restaurant in London for the new millenium’. He also was ‘Elected Man of the year in Londra Sera’ and was made ‘Culinary Ambassador of Genoa’ in 2017. His restaurants won awards such as 3 Gambero Rosso and the “Best authentic Italian Restaurant” in London – in the Love Italian Life Awards in 2018. He contribution to industry didn’t stop at becoming one of the Directors of Italian Chambers of Commerce & Industry for the UK. He went on, created and founded the RC Academy - a project designed to help young students, aged 18 to 33 and invite them from Italy for the opportunity to gain work experience in UK, teaching them how to successfully manage and build a company in the hospitality sector.

Nevertheless, an entrepreneurial Roberto, would never limit his journey to any one challenge and so, in 2020 he decided to open another concept under RC Group. He just started a new adventure with his last project called CasaCosta, a typical Italian delicatessen grocery in the heart of Fulham Broadway with only exclusive product browse all over Italy, embellished with a new Speakeasy concept restaurant. With his connections with the most recognisable producers in various Italian regions, through his thirty years of experience and his passion for quality products that Roberto has found the deep desire to bring these exclusive ingredients to every home. And it led him to create CASACOSTA and to use his face and his name to certify the quality of every single product, so that he can be absolutely sure of their quality and origin. The idea of ​​the restaurant is to rethink the concept of meeting and sharing. And it promises an exclusive experience to those who have the opportunity to enter.

With currently seven restaurants in the UK, Roberto Costa is once again up to a new challenge and, thanks to his experience preceded by his name, he has the vision of expanding globally, who knows where Roberto will go next?

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