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Brad Carter

Brad didn’t take the normal route other successful chefs take. There were no stages in Michelin-starred kitchens, no mentors holding his hand and showing him the ropes. He did the hard way, self-taught, rolling with the punches and bouncing back off the ropes.

His first job was working as a kitchen porter in his local pub where he soon began to cook and fell in love with the industry. Brad decided to enrol at University College Birmingham, which is known for its high standard of teaching culinary arts.

After leaving college he went to work in Menorca which ignited a passion for whole animal butchery and ancient preservation techniques. When Brad landed back in the UK he did the hard yards in local pubs and restaurants before opening his own place with his partner Holly Jackson in 2010, just a few miles from where he was born.

After graduating, Brad decided to widen his culinary influences by working abroad where he picked up new culinary techniques and skills. He worked in fine-dining restaurants in Marseille, France and Menorca, where he was inspired by the methods, flavours and ingredients that would later influence his own unique take on modern British food.

The overall philosophy of Carters of Moseley is to be a true expression of British terroir within the moment.

Brad’s menus evolve on a daily basis and are developed by following the natural rhythms of the season, led by the ingredients available to him and inspired by the producers who work our British landscape. He aims to treat them with the upmost respect and admiration by limiting waste with a strong nose to tail dining ethos. Even artisan products like charcuterie and cheeses (often out-sourced) are made within the restaurant from British ingredients, also the restaurant has developed its own allotment in the city, only 1.1 miles away door to door providing around 20%-30% of the produce for the menus.

Brad promotes sustainability, cultural-historical relevance and is an avid supporter of the rare breed movement that helps to secure the future of our rare and native breeds of farm livestock with direct historical links to wild animals.

Brad Carter is also the founding member of the Birmingham Slow Food movement and a supporter of the Ark of Taste. The Ark of Taste travels the world collecting small-scale quality productions that belong to the cultures, history and traditions of the entire planet: an extraordinary heritage of fruits, vegetables, animal breeds, cheeses, breads, sweets and cured meats.

This meticulous obsession with British produce has led to a number of collaborations, including his own award winning range of salts with local heroes Droitwich Salt and an exclusive Sea Truffle Caviar made with Exmoor Caviar. Brad’s passion for brewing has also led to several one off beers, including Psychedelic Jam – an oak aged sour beer brewed with raspberries and foraged blossoms at Yonder Brewing in Somerset.

Brad now remains a regular personality on television featuring on popular television shows like Saturday Kitchen Live on BBC One as well as live demonstrations in front of eager crowds at national expositions such as The Good Food Show.