Pip Jolley smiling at the camera and resting her elbows on a table with a rack of drinks behind her

Pip Jolley

Pip Jolley is a talented cocktail content creator and mixologist with a passion for crafting innovative and enticing beverages. With over five years of experience working in bars, Pip has developed an understanding of the art of mixology and the intricacies of creating perfectly balanced cocktails.

In the midst of the global lockdown, Pip discovered a new outlet for her creativity and love for mixology by venturing into the world of cocktail content creation. Recognising the power of visual storytelling, Pip began making captivating cocktail videos that quickly gained attention from a wide audience.

Whether hosting cocktail classes for intimate parties, curating cocktail menus for luxury events, or working with brands to promote their cocktail creations, Pipโ€™s inspiring yet relatable approach educates and encourages, on everything from kirsch to kitsch.ย