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Poppy O’Toole

You can catch Poppy cooking live on the Summer Kitchen on Saturday 17 June at the BBC Good Food Show Summer 2023. 

Michelin-trained internet sensation Poppy O’Toole amassed a following of over 2 million followers online under her profile Poppy Cooks after losing her kitchen job during the pandemic. Known for creating easy-to-follow recipe tutorials, Poppy currently has over 3.8M followers on TikTok.

Following almost a decade in professional kitchens, Poppy launched her debut cookbook The Food You Need in 2021. Poppy was a judge on E4’s Celebrity Cooking School alongside Georgio Locatelli. Poppy was a judge on the debut series of BBC’s Young Masterchef (January, 2023).

Photo credit: Jessica Raphael 

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Poppy's BBC Good Food Show Recipes