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Pick up new skills and learn from the experts in a Feast Workshop, from Jug Cocktails to Naked Cake Decorating. Click here to book tickets and add on to your booking. If you've already booked tickets, click here to add a session.

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Naked Cake Decorating accordian title

Want to learn how to make your cakes Instagram fabulous? In this fun, floral session, BBC Good Food’s cake genius Elena Silcock will share with you her top tips for cake decorating and how you can achieve this bang on trend look at home.

Friday 22 September - 4.15pm £10 age 12+ (Naked Cake Decorating with the Good Food Team)

Saturday 23 September - 3.15pm £10 age 12+ (Naked Cake Decorating with the Good Food Team)

Sunday 24 September - 3.15pm £10 age 12+ (Naked Cake Decorating with the Good Food Team)

Sourdough Workshop accordian title

Want to divulge the mystery behind making sourdough? Come along to BBC Good Food’s beginners guide to sourdough and learn how easy it is to bake fresh bread at home. Leave the session with your very own sourdough starter and a ball of no knead sourdough pizza dough to cook off for dinner.

Aged 12+

Friday 22 September - 2.15pm

Saturday 23 September - 12.15pm

Sunday 24 September - 12.15pm

Champagne PIAFFaccordian title

If you want an exclusive conversation and champagne sampling with the founder of Champagne PIAFF, the limited quantity, premium quality Champagne House, this is your opportunity. The team behind Champagne PIAFF would like to invite you to a tasting masterclass with Champagne.

PIAFF Brut NV and Champagne PIAFF Rosé NV. During the 30-minute session, you will meet Laurie Kempster, the founder and CEO, and learn how to sabrage a bottle of champagne, the recommended way to open a bottle of PIAFF. Come and feel the passion.

Friday 22 September - 3.15pm £12 age 18+ (Champagne Piaff Tasting with Sabrage masterclass)

Saturday 23 September - 4pm £12 age 18+ (Champagne PIAFF Tasting with Sabrage)

Sunday 24 September - 4.15pm £12 age 18+ (Champagne PIAFF Tasting with Sabrage)

Jug Cocktails accordian title

Learn how to make and perfectly customise 2 summery cocktails. Channel your inner mixologist in this fun session with BBC Good Food's cocktail wizard Miriam Nice. In this relaxed class we’ll be effortlessly making a simple sharing cocktail and a punch without the fuss of shakers and strainers, but keeping all the complex deliciousness of a well-made classic drink.

Friday 22 September - 7.15pm £15 per pair age 18+ (Jug cocktails with Good Food Team)

Ginger Pig and The Jones Family Project: Steak Workshopaccordian title

If you love steak, this one is for you! The Ginger Pig and their friends The Jones Family Project would like to invite you to the ultimate steak butchery demo and tasting. During the 30-minute session, you will see butcher Callum Mackay breaking down a whole beef roasting into different steaks, which will then be expertly cooked by Jones Family Project chef, Donatas Mockus aka Panda, for you to taste and compare. As well as learning where your favourite steaks come from, you will pick up tips on the best ways to cook them from people who know.

The Ginger Pig are renowned butchers and farmers and The Jones Family Project is an independent restaurant and bar in Shoreditch.

Friday 22 September - 5.45pm £5 age 12+ (Ginger Pig and The Jones Family Project: Steak Workshop)

Cider Tasting with Fine Cideraccordian title

Cider was once known as the 'England's Native Wine', but most ciders on offer today are mass market, industrial creations.

Felix Nash, cider merchant to many of London’s best restaurants, would like to invite you into the world of fine ciders, for a tasting of some of the best bottles of cider on earth. From still ciders, to champagne ciders, to the best perries (pear cider - once called 'the English Champagne' by Napoleon Bonaparte) you will learn about where the best ciders come from and the people who make them.

Saturday 23 September - 1.15pm £5 age 18+ (Cider Tasting with Fine Cider)

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Middle Eastern Tasting and Top Tips with Arganic Oilaccordian title

Befuddled by zaa'tar? Struggling to use up your pomegranate molasses or tahini? In this 30 minutes session, Arganic will share with you their top tips to make the most out of Middle Eastern pantry staples. From the do’s and don'ts, to dressing up your hummus to impress, and a ‘cheats’ way to very simply and quickly turn every day basics into something spectacular. Dana and Dani from Arganic, originally from Iraq and Palestine, and using knowledge handed down to them through generations, look forward to feeding you tasters, as well as giving you confidence in what's second nature to them.

Sunday 24 September - 1.15pm £6 (Middle Eastern Tasting and Top Tips with Arganic Oil)

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Anjula Devi Authentic Indian Cookingaccordian title


Anjula Devi Authentic Indian Cooking: Explaining the role of spices in creating great Indian food and a demonstration of how to make healthy and light chapattis

This workshop will bring to life the art of blending and balancing spices to create great Indian food. In partnership with Lakeland UK, Anjula has created a unique masala dabba (dabba meaning ‘box’ in Punjabi and Hindi). With Anjula’s insights and knowledge of how to get the very best from your masala dabba, you will be well on the way to creating great Indian cuisine. Anjula will also demonstrate how to make the perfect chapatti, one of the healthiest Indian breads. The workshop is designed to give you the confidence to try what you’ve learned at home.

Anjula Devi is a chef and author. Anjula launched her cookery book ‘Spice for Life’, in April 2017. Anjula has founded her own cooking school, been appointed Brand Ambassador for the world’s largest Indian food company, TRS Foods, and created her own brand – ‘Route 207’.

Sunday 24 September – 11am £6 (Anjula Devi Authentic Indian Cooking Workshop)

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