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Frozen red fruit yoghurt and basil picture

Frozen red fruit yoghurt and basil

This is like an instant, frozen, fruity ice cream – full of flavour and texture but fat-free, as it uses 0% Greek yoghurt and frozen bananas instead of cream. Basil pairs really well with berries, but you could also use fresh mint.

Serves 2
Cooks in
Difficulty Easy


250g Greek yoghurt (0% fat)
250g frozen mixed berries
50g frozen sliced banana
1 tbsp agave
12 basil leaves

To finish
50g mixed fresh berries Freshly ground black pepper (optional)


  1. Using a jug blender or food processor, blend the yoghurt, frozen berries, frozen banana, agave and basil leaves together until smooth. The mixture will be very thick so you may need to scrape down the sides with a rubber spatula.
  2. Spoon the frozen yoghurt mix into small serving bowls and serve straight away, topped with the fresh berries. A little pepper on top won’t go amiss.

The Lowdown: Frozen berries are great to have on hand for instant puddings and smoothies. Frozen mango would also work well – just remember that it is higher in natural fruit sugar.

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