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Clootie McToot Dumplings

Michelle Maddox is the founder of Clootie McToot Traditional Dumplings. In 2015 her son asked her if she would bake and have a stall at his local school fete. He was keen to be behind a market stall selling goods. She agreed, and they decided to make Clootie dumplings with their family’s traditional recipe. The aroma of sugar and spice and the laughter from her children brought back many fond memories of her own childhood. From that moment on, her inspiration, desire and passion for traditional Scottish cooking was ignited and a business was born. She now makes Traditional Clootie Dumplings and Dumplings with a modern twist following food seasons and trends i.e. Rhubarb and Ginger, Pear Apple and Cinnamon, Whisky and Orchard Fruit , Dairy Gluten and Vegan Friendly, Damson Plum and Gin.

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