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A micro artisan hemp and botanical tea blending company. Crafting, hand blending in small batches and brewing hemp and botanical teas for refreshment, relaxation to restore and revitalise on our small farm in the wild and rugged lowlands of Scotland.

Inspired by holistic health, wellbeing and natural remedies our flavoursome aromatic blends are the perfect wellness ritual or enjoyed just for simple pleasure.

Our passion is the power plant hemp, an amazing versatile plant that has been utilised for centuries with its diverse range of benefits, we are focused on hemps many health and environmental benefits.

Using only the finest natural and where possible organic ingredients we blend hemp leaf, flower and seeds with other amazing herbs, flowers, fruits and botanicals in our herbal loose-leaf teas.

Our hemp protein blends are your go-to complete protein blend for nourishing your body helping you glow from the inside out!

Added to our range of powerful hemp blends is matcha Japanese green tea and matcha tea blends along with powerful turmeric latte blends and spicy turmeric chai.

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