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The company was founded by Ian Hayes and David O’Malley. Ian started life from University as a computer engineer for IBM and has run his own software company for many years and has over 40 years experience in the software industry. David started life as an apprentice chef and has over the 47 years he has been working in the catering industry run his own catering company for many of them. Nutriplanner was the result of the marriage of these two skill sets. Many people would like help with—- • Calorie, sugar content, diet control and good Nutritional and Allergen food planning • Flexibility in meal choices and recipe range to meet personal, regional and national tastes • Ingredient estimating and shopping lists to help with keeping to personal food budgets • Nutritional and allergen evaluation of recipes and menus • Calorie and fat counted recipe evaluation • Control to find the information without waiting for someone else to respond to their need • Allergen information on all recipes • Record individuals’ food consumption over any given or required time span • Evaluate that consumption against personalised nutritional and diet targets • Be flexible to allow additional items to be entered by you from the details on the packaging so you do not have any gaps in information • Store and maintain records for better management to show evidence that their targets are being achieved • Include all foods, hydration and supplements consumed • Review future and past food delivery with accurate and quick method of making adjustments to suite requirements • Control their household food budget The solution: ZestTrakker and Zest-Trakker It has been well established that the most successful diets adopted by people are the ones that involve monitoring what you eat. In addition to this increasingly more and more people are finding they are allergic or intolerant to food ingredients. You can now control every aspect of your food intake with a single system; ZestTrakker. It is Web-based so you can access ZestTrakker from anywhere at any time via a simple web browser and take whatever actions are needed to manage your food choices. NutriPlanner has developed a system that provides all of the features listed above and many more besides. Other systems exist that offer some of those feature’s in various combinations, but the NutriPlanner system is unique in that they are all included in a single, integrated and dynamic system. Obtain immediate, fully interactive nutritional and allergen evaluation of your recipes or menus over any period either planned or what you have eaten - no need to wait for someone to get back to you. For families who want to look after their diet needs together, Zest-trakker system can be comprehensively tailored or customised to suit their individual nutritional and diet needs. Ingredient, allergen information and nutrient data for foods not already in the system can also be easily included in the system to ensure complete coverage of the food eaten. ZestTrakker provides total control of:- The food ingredient details you use, including costs. Your recipes - entered just as you see them in a recipe book. Recipes can use any of your products, or use any of the standard reference product information (over 4,000 items) the recipes you want to deliver - any combination of recipes. Obtain immediate, fully interactive nutritional evaluation of your recipes or menus - no need to wait for someone to get back to you. Creation of shopping lists - so you are buying only what you want. Take better control of your food nutritional intake with ZestTrakker and integrate nutritional and allergen evaluation and information at the same time.

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