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Felix Nash

Photo of Felix Nash


Photo of Felix Nash


Three years ago Felix Nash set out as a cider merchant. Founding ‘The Fine Cider Company’; dedicated solely to seeking out the best bottles of cider and perry across the country. Today the Fine Cider Company supplies some of the best restaurant’s in London, including Michelin Star restaurants such as The Clove Club, Lyle’s, and Fera at Claridge's.

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After studying Fine Art, Felix found akin values of craftsmanship and quality in the lost and little known world of fine ciders. Herefordshire was the place of discovery and the main actors in this awakening are responsible for a resurgence in fine cider making, one that has been building momentum under the radar over the last 10-15 years. Lost to today’s mass market cider makers are the methods of the past. The heyday of cider making of the 17th & 18th Century, where cider was titled ‘England’s Native Wine’.

Seemingly the only dedicated cider merchant of this kind in London at the time, he reawakens a role commonplace in past centuries, that of the Cider Merchant. Since the birth of The Fine Cider Company, it’s approach has gained press coverage including the likes Mr Porter, the Metro, & the Financial Times.

The restaurants he supplies with are testament in themselves to how refined cider be when made in a wine like manner. For to call something cider in Britain today it only needs to contain 35% apple juice, and this can even be from concentrate. These mass market ciders can be made in as little as 3 weeks.

His mission is to allow cider to become all that it can be, a far finer thing. The finest ciders are seasonal creations, made using nothing but the juice of named cider apple varieties, aged by the skill of the maker over winter for months, often years. They are things of depth and quality that can rival wine, and once even surpassed it...

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