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Guy Cowan

Photo of Guy Cowan

Head Chef at Guy's Restaurant

Photo of Guy Cowan


After more than twenty years feeding the cream of the film industry's A list with his Location Catering business, Reel Food, Guy decided that living out of a suitcase was best left to younger chefs and headed home to Glasgow to set up this unique venue.

The exceptionally eclectic menu at Guy's Restaurant reflects Guy's personal dining preferences and mirror his passion for cooking. The finest ingredients sourced from many independent producers mixed with simplicity in preparation and sprinkled with a big pinch of Guy's individual flair result in food that just begs to be eaten.

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Guy's story so far...

I was never one of those children who had to be cajoled into eating, ‘leave that lot to starve’ was my thought, all the more for me. I have had a passionate love affair with my lunch ever since I was able to use my cutlery to prevent raiding siblings from pillaging my vittles, be they feast or slop. To this day I’ll nail a marauding hand to the table with my fork if I think I’m in danger of being violated in the victual department. I love food; devising menus, seeking out fabulous ingredients, preparing, serving, eating – most of all eating, being fed, basking in the compliments and relaxing in the knowledge that some other less fortunate mortal is clearing up the chaos and mayhem left in my gifted wake.

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